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16 April
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Who am I?
I'm just a writer. I write things down.

And this is the place where I write them. I have recently gotten back into fanfic, and I am a longtime scribbler of original fiction. Occasionally I write really terrible poetry. I don't post regular entries here - those go in my other journal. I can be pretty squeetastic and overenthusiastic about things. I keyboard mash a lot.

I have no problem with anyone posting my work elsewhere or linking to it, but I would ask that you leave my headers/name attached - and I would love it if you dropped me a comment so I could go look at it and do a happy dance. Any icons I post on this journal are completely gankable, don't worry about crediting me. A lot of what I write is really dark and/or deals with less than pleasant subject matter, so make sure you read the trigger warnings before you dive in. I adore constructive criticism, but I'm not a huge fan of flames. I am always on the lookout for beta readers, and I'm more than happy to beta back.

I hope you enjoy the things that you read here.

PS: In regard to icons - I forget where I've gotten them from, 90% of the time. I'm trying to get better about uploading and crediting straight away. However, those who view my icon collection should assume that none of them were made by me, unless noted. If you see me using your icon and want credit, please just let me know. :)

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